How Are You Bread Episode 1 EXO Suho

Kim Jun Myeon Lee Se Young Moon Ji Yoon Kang Tae Hwan Kim Seo Ra Lim Byung Ki Han So Young Seo Jeong Yeon Timing and Subtitles by 🥯 Soboro Ppang Team 🥯 @ viki If the world population is 7 billion So are types of bread Depending on the temperature, ingredient and time, Every bread is born in its own unique way, Even for the same kind of bread Every Bakery is born in unique way But they all share one thing They all born to... Make someone happy [Mirae Noh's Wish list for 20's] #1, Seeing aurora at Fairbanks, Alaska #2. 6kg under any temptation, only one bread per day! #3. Be a lead writer for broadcast entertainment program! [Mirae, Mirae! Emergency Alert!] [The witch put on red lipstick today!] [This is a sign of catastrophic disaster] [Has anyone informed Mirae about the meeting being rescheduled to 8 am?] [She is probably still sleeping from all-nighter] - [I haven't] - [Me neither] [I went straight to the meeting] 8 Am meeting... It's 7:40 right now? Again, Mirae, take the change! It's fine! You don't think I would know? You don't accept changes on purpose after my husband has been hospitalized! She is just too sweet What is this irresistible temptation? Excuse me, Is this place new? They have been open for a while You don't know this place? People line up to buy "How are you Bread" This is so annoying! Why are we standing in line? I'm going to go Going where? You told me you have an exam today You have to eat How Are You Bread before school "How are you bread?" What is that? The owner of this place sells bread called "how are you bread" in limited quantity It could be garlic bread or cream cake, changes every day But the important thing, when you have the How Are You Bread of the day You can grant wishes! Look... If you grant a wish when you take the first bite It will be granted when you finish off the last bite No way, there is no such thing What kind of name is "How Are You Bread"? Someone told me that the owner hasn't gotten over his first love whom passed away So every day, he bakes the How Are You Bread with his thought of how much he misses her Why is this taking so long Have a nice day What was that? "10 seconds before Witch PD blows up" Manager Kang! I gave you this job because you said you can do it, is this all you can do? We are about to go on air, but you still have a problem casting Dough Hahn? Are you seriously late? Have some social Q's? Sorry What got the witch to go nuts this time? You know the new baking competition show she is directing? They are having an issue with casting one of the contestants Then they can cast another person Who is this famous Dough Hahn? What? You don't know who Dough Hahn is? The most popular pastry chef nowadays? 'There is a bread that can grant wishes, is this really true?' 'However, there is group of people who claimed eating bread here grants their...' They hit jack pot with viral marketing Just watch until the end 'My sister got her proposal the day after she ate How Are You cake from here' 'Because I'm her sister, since there is an order in house' 'I'm trying to go this time' 'I have an interview for a big corporate tomorrow looking through online threads on jobs...' 'You don't need anything but get How Are You bread from this bakery' 'The pastry chef from this bakery is so hot!' 'I am going to wish to date him!' Look at all these reactions This is not some artificially generated reaction I want to go soon I saw this place before This is in my neighborhood... This is the bakery from this morning! Well then, Just appeal the fact that the company sponsoring Our special program is the Hyeseong Baking company! If he win the competition, we can mass produce products under his name! That's not what I meant Just listen to me for a second Look at this guy... I don't need that kind of offer Are you keep going to keep acting condescending? With my marketing, I am going to make you a star pastry chef! If you get on tv couple times, People will stand in line in front of your bakery without marketing! Not only You can thousands of online fathom, If you win this competition, You can let your name out with Hyeseong Baking's massive... Are you going to let him speak like that? He says twenty sentences every 10 seconds Can he even breath? Then you take care of this I'm standing right here and you are still being condescending Hey! Mr.Hahn! Can't you see me dressed up? I'm here as a customer today What's your concept today? Just go in I am talking... What? Alright... I am going to take all... - He is taking pictures - Are you serious? Give it back You don't mess with it It's not your toy Give it back Give it back to me I just said give it back to me I'm going to sue you! My memory card! This memory card is going into my oven What? Hey! Hey! Woo, what are you going to do? [NO Broadcast Personnel Beyond this point] NO!! Casting!! - Not responsible for incident!! So, what's the How are you br... Soufflé Cheese Cake Soufflé? Puff? Wait... This tastes like the bread just disappears That's the How are You Bread of the day It feels like it suddenly disappears Empty greetings? It's feeling empty because there is no one to ask? We should open now? It is best to eat soufflé within first three minutes Okay! Mirae Noh? Congratulation - You will be in charge of the new competition program. - I'm sorry? I'm sorry? When we did the traveling show, instead of making you a main writer, I sent you away an assistant You must have had lots of complaints I'm paying you back for that is there any problem? No problem Then, get to work now Should I like it or be confused? What just happened? The lead writer who oversaw the baking competition show got pregnant What, she quit the new program because she got pregnant? Do you think you could handle Witch PD if you're pregnant? Right... But why me? You are the perfect... What? Candidate... For the witch to be hysteric with Workaholic with a thick skin... Dough Hahn There is no record of him Even there is no picture of Dough Hahn but people post his bread everyday Today's How Are You Bread is... Cheese soufflé It looks delicious but how come we can't have it - You want me to run and get it? - Forget it You can get How Are You bread even if you are standing in line If we can cast him on our show, I will make sure he makes you a bread personally Dough Hahn even rejected a six figures offer Don't you know he is known for being impossible to cast? Witch gave you a mission to cast that kind of Pastry Chef You know what? I'm going to face him in person I am going to succeed my first show I'm leaving Do you know how hard it is for me to act like I don't know you? I had a hard time to act like nothing is here You are so handsome Today's How Are You Bread... Cheese soufflé, Empty Greeting, Empty Greeting... You are heading home right? Just turn on the light Patrick Who are you? Before you ask who I am, isn't it logical to get up first? I'm sorry! I'm sorry! What are you two doing? Are you okay? Wait, who is this? Here you go Thank you. Excuse me... Never mind Sorry? Nothing I'm sorry And... thank you What are you sorry for? For stepping into the store without permission Then... What are you thanking me for? Even though I sneaked in... Thank you for not kicking me out yet Since it happened anyways, I would like to introduce myself formally I'm Mirae Noh, a script writer for the show, "Supreme Taste! Bakery Three Admiral" Can't you read? Have you not seen the sign? Even without that sign, I'm aware that you never go on a TV show - But still you came? - Yes You are a great Pastry chef with great reviews from numerous customers But if you really are a good Pastry chef, Don't you have to try to feed your bread to more people? I don't go on any shows My mind won't change Please leave If you are going to reject the offer, just give an acceptable reason Reason... There is no reason When that customer leaves, lock the door - Mirae, getting off work now? - Yeah Why do you look so sad ? You are only a second-year writer Do you have a lot of money? If you don't take your change again... Buy some food that your husband likes You guys always argued with each other I know... I feel so lonely Since my husband's hospitalization He probably wants to argue with me as we speak You guys can argue as much as you like when your husband comes back From now on, I am never going to hold you guys down Yes, Never stop us I've been stressed recently so I can blow it away You two are great people So your husband will get better Oh right! You know the new bakery across the street? I got this last How Are You Bread out of every women there Let's eat together They say this How Are You bread grants wishes Please make my mean husband be healthy Oh! It is good But it just disappeared right after I put it in my mouth I guess that's why It called Empty Greeting? Mirae what's wrong? Why are you crying suddenly? Hello, Good morning - You are from yesterday - I meet you again from yesterday See you everyday If you are here for a casing offer, I stated myself clear to decline If you are here as a customer We are not open yet I made this all night yesterday I am sure you will like this If there is any lacking parts, please let me know I am an open-minded script writer For any opinion I don't think you understand because I told you too nicely Let me get this straight I am... Not going to any show Including your show Shiny visual and taste The life of a mousse cake has endless tast variety Depending on how frozen it is If it is not frozen enough, It could get dangerously spoiled If it is too hard You can never eat it The relationship between people... is the same Some relationships are frozen forever, it's difficult to turn around There are certain relationships that require... ...a certain coldness......a sad relationship Hello! Good Morning You... Did you just spend the night... In front of my bakery? I have a tendency of writing a memo Before I forget I forgot to go home Does that make any sense? - It is dangerous... - I know, I know Someone from the past Nagged me about how bad of a habit I have Anyways! Mr. Hahn Dough Mr. Hahn Dough Can you please reconsider my offer? Yesterday, I came up with a show That just suits Mr. Hahn Dough I swear This is completely different than a regular reality show In the middle of important conversation I'm sorry Hello? Baking Three Admirals If the cast member is uncertain They told me go back to an old program? But I just figured out how to do it I am sorry About the program plan... I believe I must explain later If there is still need for one Hi My roommate Damon How come the world renowned baking competition champion is hiding in such a rustic place Running a bakery shop? I thought this was just an ordinary small bakery But it is like you It has every condition for Baking Dough Hahn Today's How are you bread is... Frozen Strawberry Mousse? Why would you freeze the how are you bread with nostalgia? Reason Tell me the real reason What's your purpose? We don't check up on each other without a purpose Yeah, you Bravo! You know me so well my best roomie I think... The girl who stands right in front of the door I am going to see her pretty often I decided to go on the Baking Three Admiral What does that have to do with me? Of course you must do it now You will be onboard Why do I have to do it? Well... First, we never compete against each other officially? First, we never compete against each other officially? I feel like this could be great oportunity I don't think so Well If you don't like my first reasoning There is another one Going against you is my second reason anyways Second or first I am going to reject both Go now Okay, okay You are just as stubborn as your father I am going to go But Dough, Even your heart is frozen at that moment The world hasn't stopped Now You are going to have to decide I thought our CEO Hahn only gets the female crowd You got a passionate male fan huh? He is a hater What's your concept today? Delivery of Love! I am going to head out for a bit Just look after the store Hey Don't you want to know what kind of delivery of love I just made? I just did something amazing Dough, listen to me Young master! My young master! You came all the way to here It's good to see you This is your first time visiting since you left Korea? Yes It's the first time Since my father Kicked me out with his bat before I go to France I missed you secretary Is my father doing okay? Yes, He is doing just fine besides worrying about you I told him you will be here beforehand But you know his stubbornness You want me to hold that for you? No I'm going to put this on my mother's memorial table If she were still alive... She would be my first guest And my most loyal regular It's a bad luck! Remove your hand right now! This is Father's Best work GiJeong-tteok You put rice wine made from non-glutinous rice in, let it rest Then put it on a steamed rice cake mold then let it steam When I make croissant I put bread flour through strainer, put yeast in Shape them before they bake in the oven! I don't... I don't understand! How's the bread I bake so different Than the rice cake you make! And how could the bread be bad luck? I have to... Put this on my mother's memorial table I don't just... Knead the rice cake I knead the spirit of tradition You refuse to continue our sacred family business then go bake western cookies you have betrayed the spirit Of this rice cake, not me Now Leave Just one bite... You would've known with just one bite My bread has its own spirit So the Competition program, When is it going to be on air? We couldn't cast Dough Hahn yet - Currently contacting him in... - Director Do! I only want one answer "YES, WE ARE READY!" My apologies Mrs. President These incapable board members Even you The first Mother daughter successor Can't clear this sort of tiny issue? My apologies I will contact each manufacturer Replace all food additives that had issues And replace all the purvey... Who doesn't know it is good to use good ingredients! With this competition show we are going to recreate the company image When the new product launches People will forget Dohae Remember People... Forget stuff fairly easily Even things... They should not be forgetting Huh, that doesn't make sense So, They don't have enough manpower for your previous show suddenly? They take away the special program they gave to you Then make you work for them again? Don't get too worked up I am going to do my project no matter what I have to do this Who are... Hey! what's up? Hey! Park Bonggu Why are you here? You should be doing chores for that show - What is it? - Come on Don't mention my real name You don't have any repect My name is Mc. Park And my life is free You want to go You are here because you are free No way You just caused an incident in your new assigned program And now you ask your dad to put you in here? Calm down it is good to have new recruits Kidding me? He doesn't recognize his own boss, becuase his fatehr is the director Headless, crazy, he is known... You can't just say that in front of him Hello, I'm Noh Mirae, script writer I recognized your swaggy with your hair Good to meet you, No Mirae You son of a... You can't refer your senior writer like that Get it? Why you little! Introduce yourself formally Hello I'm the new writer who has been assigned to this team By witch PD, Park BongGu, yes MC Park! I told you to not do it! Just get out! Hey You have to act like you are at the bottom of the food chain! Especially in this type of setting You can't get drunk! Just like me! From now, If you talk to me one more time like that pretending to be some kind of rapper, I'm going to kill you, swagg Hey Mirae You can't just laugh right now That witch... Didn't send that silver spoon worthless To us for no reason I'm sure, something is up You! You are too nice! Be Careful Don't worry I'm going to go now Bye I just finished my first program plan, painstakingly! You want me to quit now? I wish I bought a cake for a stressful situation like this My bike... I put it right here - Yeah, mom - Sweetie I haven't talk to you for so long Sorry, I was busy because of work Finally my daughter has her own show under her name Oh Jeez I guess it will go so well You have to take care of yourself Eat well. Okay? Yes, mom I've over eat every day Everyone at work is nice to me! Yes I am so thankful for he main program director She gave you a new program and taught you well If I could, I wish to send some beef Should I send our fried chicken instead? - Yeah? - Mom What is it? No, it's not Kidding me, mom? Perfect program plan you've created for me I would like to see that This is claimed already No way Please check the door And take care of cleaning! Hey! I told you, right? I'm the deliveryman of love! I'm not a Shepard that keeps the store safe! Hey!