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if you're about to see a way that you can test your products without spending any money check this out what's up guys I'm the king and like I just mentioned you're about to find out a way to test your products and your store without spending any money on Facebook and any money on Instagram this will be especially helpful for those of you that are starting with a lower budget like $200 or even less because you seriously don't need any money to do what I'm about to show you guys all you need to do is put more effort into your store and more effort into finding good products and then I will show you guys the next steps to take but before I do that I do want to say I'm gonna do a livestream on May 11th which is gonna be Saturday and so it's a week from now of course if you're watching this after May 11th well sorry you missed it the livestream may still be on my youtube channel but either way for those of you that are watching this before May 11th I'm gonna do a live stream for an entire hour here on YouTube so there's gonna be somewhere on the screen where it says it right here but May 11 the 2 p.m. Central Standard I'm gonna do a live stream here on YouTube just come to my channel at that time and I'll be live to answer any questions you have about the course about your store about products or anything like that so tune in on that day and I look forward to seeing you the last thing I want to touch on before I jump into the content is it's been about three or four weeks since I've launched my course and honestly I've gotten so many great results already like we gonna throw up a few things right here on the screen so you guys can see I mean people hitting their first thousand dollar day multiple people hitting over a hundred thousand dollars in their first month after watching the course which is insane people hitting 5k days 10k days like it's awesome guys so just a quick cap for those of you that have been thinking about it of what you're gonna get is in the first section of the course it's gonna be an exact outline as to what you need to do if you're starting from scratch and you want to make six figures or more almost every course I've been through is just a bunch of information but it's not outlined in a certain way to where you follow the exact steps and so what I did is I made an 8 is the outline that shows you like literally 0 to 100 what you need to do when starting from scratch to be able to make six figures and more and then there's an entire case study section 2 where I showed you exactly what I taught in the A to Z outline where I'd do it myself and I share everything I scaled a store from zero to over a hundred thousand dollars in the first six days and I literally screen recording to share everything finding the product setting up the store testing the ads finding new ad like literally everything I showed you guys and so if you guys want to check that out or see student results then just go to the first thing the description it's gonna be the rule blueprint you can check that out and take a look and see what all the hype is about and all right now for the topic of this video how you can start making sales and test your products test your store without spending any money on Facebook or Instagram so whenever I say that's a lot of you guys might just click off the video be like oh like I know about this or oh like I'm not gonna do that or whatever but seriously just watch the rest of the video even if you don't learn something new it's gonna reaffirm something you already know which is gonna ingrain it even deeper and so the method is Facebook pages and Facebook groups so the same way you can go on an Instagram page and DM someone and say hey I'm gonna pay you hundred dollars to post this and they post it and you make money or you don't you can do that on Facebook pages but you don't have to pay someone to do it because the pages are a community so all you have to do is find a product that's in a niche then go to one of those niche pages on Facebook and then make a post as someone from the community you don't want to sell something you don't want to say hey guys go buy this wrong right you want to say hey I've been looking at this and I just wanted to see if any of you guys here in the community have bought this before and can steer me right or wrong because if someone in a page or Facebook group sees that you're trying to sell something they're gonna ban you right so you don't want to act like you're selling you don't wanna say hey go buy that you want to say something like guys I've been looking at buying this but I just wanted to see first if any of you have bought this before and what you guys think and so then everyone's gonna click through to that link that you shared in the Facebook group because you're not selling anything you're asking for help and people like to help right especially when it's in a similar niche so today's people are gonna click through to that website and it's gonna be your website but the Facebook page owner doesn't know that it's gonna be your website they're gonna click through and you know a good amount of those people like thousands of people that come to your store they're gonna think oh you know this is actually really good and assuming you have good reviews you have a great product in a great product description exactly how I outlined in the course then you're gonna make sales I mean you could make over a thousand dollars a day literally without spinning anything and it's so cheeky I love it so just to show you guys a little more in-depth of what I mean I pulled up on my screen multiple pages and multiple products that you guys could go and do this with just as a suggestion so you could start this one of two ways you either find a Facebook group that is a very prominent niche and you know has a lot of engagement or you could find a product first and then find a group for it right so what I did is I just looked up decorating just because I know home and interior design is a big niche and so this right here this page is 4.6 million people like that like it and follow it so of course not all 4.6 million people are gonna see something when you post it but check this you can literally write a post right here and post a photo or video and so literally if I want to say hey guys I've been looking at buying this product online and you post a link to your store I mean people are gonna flood to it seriously I mean look this post was posted seven hours ago and already has 500 shares a thousand likes and 200 comments like that's really good for seven hours so you know if your ad was up for three days you know it might get 10,000 likes and over 5,000 people to your store which guys keep in mind if your cost per click was $0.50 on Facebook which is a good cost per click and you got 5,000 people on your store that would cost you $2,500 but your posting in a Facebook group and you're getting 5,000 visitors to your store theoretically I mean you could get more or you could get less for free literally for free like what's better than that seriously and so for a page like this you know I just looked up on Aliexpress I looked up something quick I just looked up like home interior like decorating like wall art whatever and so I sorted it by orders and so I mean you can see wall art here I was like twelve thousand orders four thousand orders three thousand orders and so I would look for something that's kind of like really really unique it really doesn't need a lot of orders you know wall art like this you can get anywhere but you know I would just look for something really unique I would search of DIY or home interior interior decorating or things like that like a really unique like wallet or something like that that looks really cool that when people click through you know they might actually really like it and because it's on sale on your store you'll make a crapload of money another one that I found was born to fish this one only has about a hundred thousand page likes but it's high engaged people okay you don't really need a multi-million liked page to actually do this I mean literally you need 50,000 page likes or something like that that's what I would shoot for at least 50,000 page likes or 50,000 people that follow it so look for at least 50,000 page likes and make sure it's a good engaged page you know getting a couple hundred shares getting a couple thousand likes on the post and you're good to go but I mean look this has 300 likes seventy-six comments and 300 shares literally the shares that's huge you know people that like to fish and post it to their own Facebook page like 400 basically 400 people right here have done and so they post it to their own Facebook page so all their friends at probably active fish and hunt and things like that are gonna see it too and when it just so happens to be a link to your website that's free virality right there so let's let's be real that's awesome and so for a fishing page like this you could use some sort of fishing tool like this that's gonna make it a lot easier to like cut your lines and of course you know you would want to look into why someone would buy this in the first place but this for example is literally a dollar it's got over 7,000 orders and it's got 4.8 stars with basically four thousand votes here and so a product like this is really really good and it's gonna help a lot of people and especially when you post it to a Facebook group and say hey guys I've been looking at buying this do any of you have something like this and a lot of them will look at it and be like oh you know I don't have something like this this would help me a lot and like I said assuming that you've actually built out your product description and your reviews and your price point and everything like I show in the A to Z outlined in the course then you're gonna actually make sales for free so I'm gonna show you guys one more that a lot of you might not have thought about so this one right here is a game of Thrones page okay I'm not sure if a lot of you guys watched Game of Thrones I'm sure most of you do I mean I love it honestly this is massive right now I think it's in the 8th season or something like that any show that makes it to eight seasons is of course a lot of people like it and it's in the last season right now and so right now would be the hottest time to do this like yeah you could do this for Harry Potter or something like that that wasn't massive but it's kind of died down the latest season of this is still coming out right now and it just the first episode of the new season literally came out like a few weeks ago so this is really hot right now so just to show you guys I mean this page has over 800,000 people that like it and seriously like this stuff I love this stuff like I need to like and follow this page just because it's funny but literally I was scrolling through here and there are great memes in here and honestly the engagement rate is really good thousands of likes hundreds of comments hundreds of shares and something like this you could market a product like this right here like a music box that plays the theme song to it right so you could just have a video of this find it somewhere online and play it or you know posted you know a shirt in there you know something that's really cool and I think a product like this could work great in a group like that I mean it's got 16,000 orders it's got 6,000 votes at 4.7 stars and it's literally four dollars but it's so unique and I mean you could claim it as a collectible type of item and when a couple thousand people out of 800,000 people in this group see that they're gonna be like like that's super cool you know these are diehard fans until they're gonna buy it so if you posted it in here one day and you sold them for $20 and you got you know 20 people to buy it that's basically 400 to 500 dollars which is like $300 profit considering you have zero ads bid which could be a great kickstart for a lot of you guys to start making money to be able to start testing and start scaling products on Facebook Ads like I outlined and one last thing I want to mention is another way that you guys could go out there and start getting sales and testing your products and testing your stores without actually spending any money and that's through Facebook groups okay so what we just did is we went through pages but another thing you could do is go to Facebook groups and so check this out I just searched up phishing and then went to groups over here in this tab and then if you literally just went to a group like this like fifty seven thousand members ten posts a day that's awesome that means it's really good engaged so if you just went to this page right here so just reach out to the person that owns this or the page themselves and say hey you know I've started this store around fishing products and we could potentially make over a hundred thousand dollars if we partnered up and I'm marketed it through your group just say I could handle all the processes products ordered fulfillment things like that and all you have to do is allow me to market through your group and I'll give you 50% of the profits so what that's gonna like to do is gonna allow you to mark it through someone's group and it's gonna lie to market every single day essentially and if it worked you could make you could make hundreds of dollars every single day with zero ad spend literally just by using someone else's group that they've worked their ass off to build but of course guys none of this is gonna work if your product descriptions suck or if your reviews suck or if your product isn't good or if your price point isn't good of your stores that trustworthy and you just don't know overall what you're doing which is exactly why I made the Royal blueprint which like I said you can find more information about that in the first link in the description so anyways guys that's all for this video it was very short very sweet I hope you guys enjoyed it like I said I'm gonna do a live stream on May 11th which is a Saturday for me at 2 p.m. Central Standard Time so tune into that literally set a note or set an alarm in your calendar you can ask me anything about products your store about the course or anything like that and who knows I might just give you guys a special discount that day for the program so anyways guys that's all for this video I hope you enjoyed it so make sure to smash that like button if you did and leave me a supportive comment or something that you want to see in a future video below and I will definitely get to it but anyways guys that's off of this one much love especially if you've made it this far that's all for me [Music]