How to delete a page in Word after a table HD 2020 in 2 MINUTES

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to delete a blank page in Word after a table. I prepared a sample case to show you the problem. As you can see I inserted a table in a Word document and the table extends to the end of the page. In this case another blank page will be created by Word and you are not able to delete that page. This means that if you print the document like that, you are always going to have an additional blank page in your printings. To delete the blank page there are 2 options. But before we start, we need to show the formatting marks. For that we go to the “Home” tab and then to the “Paragraph” section. In the top right corner of the paragraph section you will find a button for the formatting marks. Simply click this button and you will see the paragraph symbols and other formatting marks in your document. Let’s check out the first option now. We mark the paragraph symbol on the blank page and then go to the “Home” tab, to the “Paragraph” section again and click on the little arrow in the bottom right corner. This will open the paragraph settings. In the section “Spacing” we enter the value 0 for “Before” and “After” and for “Line spacing” we choose “Single”. Now we change the font size of the paragraph to 1 and the blank page should be gone. This is because the paragraph that you saw earlier on the blank page slipped right beneath the table. This works only if there is at least a minimal space between the end of the table and the page margin. If you don’t have that space I recommend that you reduce the size of the table just a little bit, so the paragraph with the font size of 1 will fit under the table. But if this is not an option for you, I will show you another work-around. For the second option we again mark the paragraph, then we right-click on it and select “Font…”. In the section “Effects”, we make a check for “Hidden” and click “OK”. Now the blank page is still visible, but it will not be printed. So, that’s it, BUT before you go: please support this channel by hitting the subscribe button, liking the video and maybe also sharing your feedback in the comments.