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what's up what's up everybody it's time to talk about our favorite little goth baby girl baby biggie goth princess girl what occult girl what I'm their boss anyway they little goth cupcake munching oh what a fitting time to talk about them because I just got Annabelle just recently and I have all the main elements of the cult girls can't wait so I have been using Annabelle but I can't wait to start using her more I'd wanted her for a long time and now I have the Rika and I have Annabelle on my minion and I have a Charlotte on my China server account so let's talk about them let's talk about where you then let's talk about how to ruin them let's talk about what we can do to make them work and also how I do weird stuff with them and and and and my my method of doing it alright so the first one we have Rico fire codes girl we have helped me teddy this used to say help me Gianni and then they fix it after like the first it said help me chiotti after fight for the first year anyway so we had some of the teddy bear to attack the immunes attack has a 25% chance to forcibly put the enemy to sleep for one turn acquires another turn as the enemy falls asleep ok so far is another turn already you see the key words there it's the enemy calls we that means it's great on violence because potentially she gets another turn from violence she gets another turn from enemies falling asleep she gives another term for Vout and they keep resetting each other right so like the the violence well eventually like it'll be like oh and then there's a supposed to be there's this lower chance that you keep violent frocking but I don't know if I believe that anyway so potentially it is really crazy with the confinement procs all these are really creative non-violence the same the same way a Ryan is really insane ridiculous on violence and then we have the toy night some is a dull night and attacks all and be standing there for one term with a 50% chance alright this is a 60% rate this is a 30 after it's upgraded and then this is a 6 the afters upgraded too but it's an AoE stun which is nice it's good for a week cells are good for tea away and then we have fire guardian angel well I mean it's good for other stuff not just the light but Toa pvp things like that detects all enemies three times each attack is a 40% chance to decrease their attack speed any but continuous damage for two turns alright what could this be good for this I mean this is really great for Toa horde dots and attacks d break right and then we have stuns here too and then we have potentially putting enemies asleep and oh my god Co AR yes phenomenal right because we walked out to wants tea breaks and we want stuns that's exactly what raqa hard and then there's other stuff I use it for as well like for example if I'm going up against a Leica with his new book since you have to hit it multiple times to kill it's actually just really really well against like as long as you've got it as long as you have a he's got a defense break yeah as long as you've got a defence break on him this should do fine even if you don't have an attack buff so actually do use this pretty often against ice when I first got Rika I did not think I was going to use her as much as I did it was like oh Rika but I have better stuff and then I realized that she's actually not that bad she's not that bad we had a leader scope created a critical rate of ellenmilton fire tribute by 38% so it's only fire monsters no I really don't use the leader skill that much I don't use her as my former if she was my farmer and she is a good farm by the way if she was my farmer I would use her leader skill more often for farming and it's a really good a really good early game farmer because of that because of that leader skill all right so let's I'm going to do something a little bit different today I got these bad boys I got a little where to use things so we're going to see first we're going to draw some wieners on there please sir but we're going to see where we can use the monsters and I figured be better to do it visually rather than me just saying it alright so farming great for farming Giants I'm gonna give her meth I'm gonna give her a mat because at least she's got the speed brake which is nice she's got the thumbs which helps on the way to it she had element disadvantage though so for joint benign good for good for that but for Giants b10 not so good not so good I mean you could use her but it's not gonna be the greatest she got to be buried she's got nuts right but she's going that pretty damn fast let's see what else dragons she does have a speed break I'm gonna give her a math I think we I think she can be used in these things like just like gate Oh rigged really not the Google not what I would consider the monsters out ever using drives dragon team could be I would say almost like borderline bad but you could use it you could use it I'm gonna give her a metaphor necropolis - she's got a multi-hit third skill but it's only the third skill she does also have the speed break so she got a multi hit that can hit if the if the shield is already a little bit broken she could finish breaking the shield and then she can apply a speed break so actually she's got some potentially use of there she's not completely awful for a necropolis she's got some potential elemental dungeons she could be actually good for elemental dungeons we have secret because she's got again she's got dot she's got speed break and she's got a V crackles secret dungeons yes double AR wheeze plus if you really need that leader skill she could have that we used to get salt it's all about doing AoE damage as much as possible as fast as possible for secret dungeons so yes three team raids I'm going to say bad she's got a speed break but that's it there's nothing else she brings to the table she's just got and her her attacks are I mean she's got cc she's got sleep she's got stunned that really doesn't help you she's got dots that doesn't help you in rain rates at all elemental rip beasts let's see meth she's good for the fire one about it that's about all she's got she's good fireman she doesn't have single target damage she's not a big single target Nucor which is most of the time that's what you need she doesn't have any defense break or brand so she's only good for the fire 112 ascension she's actually great for trial of Ascension delightful night um Toa regular and keyway hard both she's got speed Rick she's got dot she's got sleep she's got a wee stunt she got double AOE she could be despair on her she's great for trial session really good um and what do we have arena I would say I've kind of wanted somewhere between good and great we'll say good but she could be better than good she could be better than good maybe not so much for live arena she's really not the greatest well actually let's just yeah we'll just do that I do use her in a read on Guild Wars as a cleave monster she can be I have double shields will on her actually let's let's go to that good that and it said what we'll do in a second but I have double shield will on her that's how a user in arena in Guild Wars I will use her she's a great combination with a cam Amir so I will make I will bring any defense breaker I will I can do galleon I could do another a we defense breaker even if it's not galleon if it's something else I can use that and I can defense break maybe get some stones on there I'd like to do mentor also so mentors got the defense break is got dots he's got despair on him I have my mentor on the spear so he'll defense break dots and stun and then she'll come in there with the third skill and she'll put more - up which slows on there and then I came here will go on there and he will just wreck everything because like all those debuffs he gets extra damage when he's when the when the enemies heavily D buffed so with all those debuff she does crazy damage so camera can do like 60,000 damage with and that's not even including the damage that Rica did break so I used I use that it's a shield we'll team it's a multiple sets of shield and everyone's got will and that's how I use that team which is a great combination with the cam here just cause of all the debuff some tears go so so I figured it might be better than see it visually visually and then we have Ravens let's see what kind of rooms are before for early game fatal is good for her I just as a farmer fatal speed quick damage attack or you know you could you could mix it up you can do speed attack attack whatever she does to get the benefit from crit damage onslaught for because she does have her creature skill for like farming etc etc um and we have swift she be good on swift to I mean not that I wouldn't put her specifically on swift I think I would put her more on she's got she got little AoE so I like despair on her and violence is very strong on her I wouldn't really go I wouldn't go as so much a swift you can put her on swift though is not it's not bad because she does need speed because she's got a little debuff usually monsters that have a lot of debuff speed speed rage definitely she benefits from that crit rate so you don't have to worry about like all I don't have enough courage she's got that leader skill vampire I really don't like iron vampire though energy blade Blaine again loses value if you're using her leader skill she really doesn't need that extra blade you can do something else focus is nice though she's got 3d buffs she's got 3d bow so go focus is pretty nice blade isn't bad but again like I said she's got that leader skill to me blade use blade for other monsters no in door and doors really four more for revivals and cleansers and healers so really shouldn't need indoor shield I use mine on shield will she does have ten thousand base HP so she does get that benefit from being a turn to monster she's conic can survive a little bit like cash Aras got like seven thousand a changebase HP so he's kind of like not as good on shit like if I'm putting double shield on something it's gonna be it's gonna be her and not to shower right so to show squishy pants and then revenge she's at least got something going on for the first skill so revenge could be useful nemesis is more for healers and different different things like that you could do I mean you could maybe find a getaway use nemesis on her but but really not she's not your first choice necessary for nemesis it would be you know would be really interesting though and again probably wouldn't work that great but if you used her for cc she probably use a third skill more though now you know what I'm thinking I'm thinking too much I'm like well what about this what about this what if we can maybe but that would be too weird that we do weird um but I mean she does have she does have a crack control though so if she was on nemesis and some wasn't expecting it they got its ton you know she filled up her tech age and then started telling people they're being funny good yeah then destroy really destroys more for tanky bruisers so I don't really see her being a destroy monster she's going to kill something which is not going to go for it but I think for TOA the main build are i like to use a clean team the shield will attack with damage tech because she's turned to right that's just as long as they're not strippers there's no strippers for for PvP and then also for TOA i think either violent or i mean you could use her you could use her in a in world arena - with like violent will speed you can even go you could emmy envisioned there's different there's different things you can do but you could use her for all of our debuff so you could use a movie despair where you can use violent it's like making her a little bit tank here for world arena though because her base stats aren't that bad she's got 10,000 bhp she's got 637 base defense so she's got 105 base speed you could do you can do hair is like a weird kind of thing for world arena just for trying to control everyone as much as possible but i think really the thing is i I like to use her shield will for PvP and I liked I think what would be great is the spare or violet with high speed like 200 speed for Toa even despair more violence and and focus would be great on her 240 away were Toa hard be pretty nice alright so let's go on to the next one alright kitten pink news video short 13 minutes I wasn't even trying alright let's try to do a little bit faster help me tell you but you get you get the first ones usually the longer one because we really now we already know what the skills do for the first two skills first new skills on her the exact same is reka the space stats are pretty much very similar wind guardian angel this one it does three hits again did I mention that Rika is good against Lika I think I mentioned that I don't know if I did mention that when Regas good against like as she does multiple hits and kills like oh and his new his new passive anyway multiple hits attack bar decrease which is really nice and glancing hit on the enemies and then she's got this leader skill as well good old Charlotte can't even say her name of the game man can't even say her name in the game so let's see where we can use Charlotte no rate farming great performing absolutely I used her for for for my China server account Giants great for giant she's got element advantage plus she's got a cage reduction and glancing hit and she's got some crowd control if she needs it dragons really not detractors and Acropolis multi hits but she's got no speed breaker Rika has the speed break with a multi-hit she's maybe could be men but elemental dungeons she'd be good for elemental dungeons secret dungeons just because she's got a OE crack control fur on the way to the boss and then on the boss she's got the attack age reduction for the boston towers attacking introduction works on towers so you can't stump towers but you can reduce the attack key time towers so she could be good to that secret dungeon she's great for secret dungeons double AOE skills plus quick a quick rate reader skill if you stick her with solutions you should have an easy time with secret dungeons great for secret dungeons three team raids all she's got going on that can you can even use for raids is like the sweep you can use the stun you can't use and so she's got a techie reduction and glancing hit so I would say kind of bad for raids you don't really want to crit rate of just wind monsters and raids that's not a great leader skill for raids elemental rift beast I would say bad the only one that's got because she's got double a ohi's right she doesn't have a defense break she doesn't have big single target damage she doesn't have brand so all she's got a weak Rock control she's an AV crack until monster trial dissension though she's great for trial detention because she's got she's got boobs no because she's got crack control she's got a weak rack control and she didn't got that practical on your first skill and then we see arena yes you can use her for arena I would say I would say so between good and great I'm gonna go with good either good or great I mean you could argue either way it depends on preference live arena should be good live arena you built are a little differently for lorina though it's more for a control strategy for a live arena if you want to do that so the things with live with the things with arena in Guild Wars she is sometimes used with a like Charlotte mega Lucien it's a pretty common team it's been around for a while most people probably know about it Charlotte leader skill with the crit rate make sure that Lucien and Charlotte both have a high crit probably max crit and then we have the attack buff and tack gauge buff as I mean speed quiz and attack for both Charlotte and Lucian on this build other in his team time we have Charlotte Charlotte leader Megan and Lucian buff up the attack age above the attack she's going to do a show up gonna do a little bit base damage and if the enemy has shield it's got to pop the shield it's also going to reduce the attack age so that if you know in case there's a nemesis anything it's kind of anti nemesis unless there's will nemesis you don't really see will nemesis will in Guild Wars to see that more in arena an anti Lucian but she does like a little bit of base damage so it doesn't proc nemesis and then Lucian comes in an amputation magic so everything so that's a pretty common I use it all the time in in my China guild I use Charlotte megan lucian works really nice you can also use it in arena two you can use a Charlotte Bernard Megan Lucian or you can use Charlotte Megan Lucien Lucien I mean you could use whatever works better for the situation is you need to be a little bit faster your goal the faster you turn or if you need to be a little bit extra damage use the three new kurz but works uh works pretty nicely so that's that you can also use her to clean team like I do with Rica but I feel that Charlotte's a better turn one team because the attackee production anti nemesis andrey has better fur too cute Kiran - Kiran Q paired with a cameo in my opinion I like Lisa - a scam I love it alright and then let's see for runes - to deify hasta fatals good Swift is good I think Swift is a little bit I mean she's so similar to Rika so you can do Swift yeah you can induce with you don't need her with crazy speed I'm just saying Swift standard nuclear builds are either fatal or rage with speed crit damage attack or Swift with attack or damage attack as long as there's a good enough speed somewhere and then sheer the need crazy speeds ups when I say Swift I'm saying like Swift but like if you got some Swift runes that like maybe they got little speed here and there but mostly they just had like good quick damage and create an attack there you go you're going to spear be great for trial dissension about the potentially could be Opie the orangey on that could be insane why am I so bad at circling things it's hard to do it with a mouse man it's hard to do in the most let's draw another penis here I'm good at drawing penises I'm better drawing penises than I am at circling words rage it's also good she's flexible clicker builder for damage or you can build her for crack control and you can build her like I said for world arena you could build her more of a crowd controlled build where she's just trying to control and stun and reduce attack age of the enemy team instead of trying to nuke everything in sight Acushla desire for energy blade energy really don't care about blade energies like such a redheaded stepchild at the room family it's like doesn't really do much like yeah it's good for early game right or if you have like a really really amazing energy rooms a blade you really don't need blade too much of her leader skill I would go more for focus focus I think is good on her garden door again she's not a huge she's not our Viper I don't care about and do honor shielded will if you're going to do where as part of a creatine you can do shield and will revenge should we get something out of the revenge shoe does the sweep on avenge nemesis maybe you can find a way to use nemesis with her I'm not going to say no right they wouldn't be my first choice but I seem mostly like despair focus for ki away and then like rage something so my guys he's waived or fatal or swift with tak or damage attack in the farmer or for Giants trying to speedrun Giants and then for qui team like attack or damage tak whatever shield and we'll or or I mean or despair or fatal or whatever as long as as long as welfare but violent mountain will is going to be nice for it to speak to Tammy takers it's also Oman to Luna take the date way right what we have God I talk way too much I try to make these shorter I really do and then I talking just keep talking and we have so okay we should do next this is intact but I think she's kind of similar in this way all right this is similar because she's got the stun with the second skills well now right and then she's got so she's got the same first in second skills but she's an HP based monster she's got lower based attack than the other two girls she's got higher based HP who is this do text all enemies three times inflicts them into increases according to max HP and decreases attack power of four to returns with a 40% chance each afterwards increases the defense of all allies for three turns additionally 330 defends Bob I was talking to uh tonight we gaming about this like maybe you should do some videos with Laura man you got her can do some videos with her because not many people have her you should do some crazy stuff because she's got this three turn and it's really not as it's not the way that he plays necessarily he likes him different he likes a different gameplay style its user but I know some people that would really enjoy using her with this you got a defense buff and attack break that's pretty cool that's kind of like I mean it's kind of like branded second skill right she's got the shield and she's got the attack brick but does at least a defense bow so you can do a little bit more with a defense buff 10 shield like for example if I'm going into a if I'm going in to a battle and I have a defense breaker and I'm not using Lucian and I have I'm using the galleon I have a defense breaker I'm more worried about someone that's buffing defense that I am but someone putting a shield on like I'm not worried about brandy ax or what's-her-face what's-her-face the water the water desert clean either I keep for some reason I can't remember her name right now anyway I'm not worried about those shields I'm worried about the monsters that buff defense those a little bit more scary to me because the defense buff will nullify the defense prank that I put on the shield I still going to defense break I'mI'm care it's just actually a little bit of damage I gotta do not a big problem so I do I do actually like this this is kind of like a pretty cool all right so a little bit different than the other ones okay she's an HP type monster so let's talk about we're told huh so far she still does have that quit rate leader skill so I think you have to ruin her a little bit different for farming I think you still ruin her as an attacker for if you're going to use her if your early game you're using her and the farmer you could ruin her innocent and then attacker she's still gonna be good she's just it's gonna be a weird build it's still gonna be the same build as the other ones but she is gonna like seem weird get with it you know Giants yes she can be great for Giants great for Drax she's got the attack break for the giant and she's got a defense buff for your whole team she's actually really good for Giants really good for x for dragons she could potentially be good she's not as good as the other one so like Annabelle she's got the cleanse out of a way better for Dragons I would say meant for Dragons necropolis again with it this is a three turn right it is three turn and it's got some defense buff I would say men or bad for a necropolis Rika Rika at least got the speed break the speed brake is very important for no problems underrated to be breaking the most important debuff for necropolis elemental dungeons uh yeah she be good for elemental bunch of the secret dungeons yet she's again you have to build her a little bit gifted build her for as an attacker 50 conventions if you want to use her but she's got the double-a ohi's there's nothing wrong with that right it's just it's just a weird build because she's an HP type monster three team raids she's got defense but she's got an attack break but really I would say met I would say metal raids elemental risky again she could be she's met as fired she doesn't add elements of disadvantage to fire but she's she's not bad against the fire one and she doesn't she does do a defense buff too so keep that month is not and you can ruin her a little bit differently to you could ruin her a little bit differently and put her in the front line for a fire rig this way she survives and she also has double AOS trial ascension double AOS double AOS baby good potentially better potentially better I kind of want to give her a great you could argue either way you can argue either I know you can argue either way rape and she did just get the defense buff rate she did just get a little bit of change a little bit changes arena I think that you can run her a little Yuki it's kind of like a gimmicky tricky sneaky kind of thing but I think you would have to bait out a defense breaker team and I don't know I really love I would say maybe meth Urbina Guild Wars because like I would see her on defense she's really not for offense I see her for more of a defense thing but like it would have to be like there's better monsters though there's better monsters for rain beep and she's really not for a readable I don't think Guild Wars I think you could definitely use her for guild wars I think she'd be good for guild wars because you got the uh she's got the fur I mean ie even for offense for offense she's got the defense both and she's got the attack break so you could like for example if you're going in against the seal Mars team you attack break deal Mars right you may be stung seal Mars every so often and you give your enemies of the defense well it can be harder for them to kill you I mean your enemy in the defense book yeah what was said what would monsters give your enemy's defense buff okay anyway it's got to be hard for them to kill you with the attack break and defensible now but I think for guild war offense she could be good actually and then we have live arena she's got I think she's actually pretty good for a librarian I think she's pretty good for librarian so yeah I mean the other it's it's kind of like I'll just she's a little bit different though she's a little bit different though because she's more fur she's more for Cece I think live arena she's got some potential uses she's got the defense buff main and she's got the attack break and she's got a OE stun and she's got CC on the first skill I think uh big stuff but not thoughtful of you I know a lot of people are like oh she needs a buff again she reads the buff again alright and then from rooms for her uh okay so fatal enrage not so much for her if you're using her for live arena I see her as more of a support H like she's HP time on serve I see I see her as more of a support monster than anything else so I would say despair if your early game you're using her as a farmer Friedler rage another game as a farmer but despair or violence is what I would use or swift you could even do Swift you know what if you do Swift on her that's actually not a bad idea I'm thinking about it now that's actually not about any if you have her super super fast she goes for her basement 105 rate she goes she'll buff your defense right and she'll attack break your enemy if they're not prepared for it that's actually not a horrible idea that's not a horrible idea on an energy blade focus again I don't really care but she's really I would not ever want her on blade need her being weight focused not bad guard endure shield will I mean these are not bad you could have her on that shield she gets benefit from the fact that she's got almost 12,000 bhp so shield is not bad on her revenge again but I think she could have some maybe some potential uses on nemesis maybe maybe people sneaky fetus with it but not like anti Lucian nemesis so does it even really matter anyway who's next who's next on the list who's next and then we'll do Annabelle add a bandana valve so excited that I just got her so excited alright so she's got the same first skill she's got the second skill girl's prayer removes all harmful effects on all allies and recovers the HP every monsters portion to your attack power so she's kind of like a cone amia but instead of her third skill doing it her second skill of it right pretty damn cool pretty damn cool great for I mean great for so many things great for so many things oh my god we'll get to there we'll get to their water guardian angel text three times and defense break for three turns deals more damage according to max HP so here's the thing with this this is based on her attack power this is based on her max HP so kind of you want her with overall value rooms the rooms that are like oh man I got I got a attack power slot for but I really don't want to use an attacker on that but it's like attack power stuff work it's got HP and defense and speed who I use that for Annabelle great for Annabelle great for a de Vil more heels based on her attack power and she does more damage with her third skill based on HP beautiful monster that cleanse that cleanse is really great the cleanse is really great and this three turn as long as there's no you know cleanser on the enemy team three turn defense breakers potentially pretty dangerous because even even if the enemy valve trucks once they still have a defense brake on there so if they get the first turn and they buy a truck that's to still get a defense break all right and she will attack he'll attack three times so she attacks defense breaks with the first kill potentially with the first hit potentially and then detect more on top of that so now all right let's go see where we can use her you know right farming great for farming she'll heal herself you she's got a OE with a defense breaks and she heals herself and she's got a crit book she's got a crit buff leader skill any of these girl to be grateful farming and then we have Giants great for John's because we've got the defense break on the giant which is important they have the defense break on defense based monsters three turn defense against these into these monsters which is good and we had the cleanse so that if the giant does get the defense break on us we can cleanse that off we could heal dragons great for dragons I was actually testing her out um in dragon she's great because she just cleanses all those dots off beautiful old and she's got ailment some element advantage on that to UM necropolis I'm still going to say meh I know I had a banana then don't say she's met Todd's I should be but no she is a nominal agree from problems honestly Rick is better for the crawlers because of that speed break elemental dungeons it should be very good for elemental dungeons Scott that cleanse very important just in case like if you've got stones on your team's got seal block on your team if you've got bombs under team anything and anything those elemental guys I'll let the dungeons when I say that it's hollow fire light dark wind water and magic all right hopefully you guys already knew that but secret dungeons she's got she's not as good as the other ones for secret dungeons um I'll say good she's got she's got a defense break right and she's got she's got at least one AoE and she's got the crit rate leader skill so if you're doing it like a fire secret dungeon that's a good maybe met at least you got a oe right there's worse there's worse three T raids yes great for that because of her cleanse because she's got the clintons she's got the defense break what else we have and she's a little bit different of a build for three team raids if you want to use her front line you can use her front line but you got to stack a little bit more defence so you want to have I'm trying to think you wanted you want to try to at least at least double her defense if you're going to use your front line at least double her defence are you going to be a really really really fast really really fast elemental rifts beast fire that's it only fire she at least has a defense break though she Li says that she's got the a we just got the defense pick and she does have a heel so for fire she'd be used all these goes can be used and fire but that's about it trial of Ascension I mean you can use the video things but you're not gonna rank as highly as you could be doing with other monsters trial dissension she's good the other ones are better so I'll explain why she could be good because she's got at least a first skill she'll sleep she'll sleep the enemy and then the third social defense break and oh my god I got sneeze again what always has to sneeze when I do videos but for me I like to be more aggressive than 12 ascension I don't want them to get turns what are we going to do with the cleanse right if they're not getting turns we don't want them to get turns so yeah we can use her into your way but there's things that you can do to be more proactive rather than reactive she's more of a reactive monster for Toa I would rather be proactive I would rather out speed keep him locked down the entire time she's got no second skills son she's got no second skill AoE stun you can put her on to spare but I mean do you really you could do that but but I think the other ones are better for trial dissension let's see Arina yes great she's a pain for arena defense she actually gets me an arena defense her first kill just like if I was reset if I first off okay if I'm attacking a team was i Ross if I'm attacking with you with zeros then she can just Ruiz this because she's a water monster and then she can still heal the team up and and cleanse their defense breaks off and there's tons and then GG I basically lost at that point if we do reset her she will just put my zeros to sleep get another turn quick she would asleep get another turn and then cleanse everyone anyway so she's one of the most I don't like going into arena defenses that have Anna banana bail because I'm scared of the violent nonsense I'm scared I'm scared she's at least either got will and we're not going to strip the will and then she's just go cleanse and heal everyone anyway I just I seen enough animals and really defense to know that she actually works pretty good and it gets double Lucian sometimes she doesn't have as good of a heal as like praha for example or aerial but I've seen her work effectively in witnesses runes for in defense so I have actually seen that then Guild Wars yes uh let's see guild where defense she can go crazy she's just flexible maybe maybe great maybe great maybe great maybe we'll give it a great I think I think you could argue that she could be in the great tier she's got a Clinton she's got three turn defense break she can go insane live arena great I think we'll just give her the great and say we'll just give her the great she's got a lot of great dam dam can offer live reassures great she's got the cleanse she's got three turned defense break she's got the CC for the first kill so and then she gets more resistance a lot of the high-level players that use her in in life or in World Arena will dureena love her because she's got she gets resistance when she's and they have maxed resistance on her she just cleansed everything so if they're going up against the verrat if they're going up against the monster with bombs she can just Annabelle Annabelle Annabelle can cleanse another great thing about her in World Arena live World Arena is that the more the longer the match goes the higher the attack power is the lower the HP is and her heels based on attack power so she keeps healing for more and more as the match goes on which is not bad not bad all right so talk about the runes on the mural right uh let's see fatal she's really not a fatal monster she's really not advantage to and she's got her second skill is she can be early game really game though because her her she owes based on attack power but she's conscious and support Montes she's not an attacker so it's a benefits that attack on her Swift is also not bad on her gives her lost turns she needs to be fast she can't be slow right it's important to have good speed on her good speed benefits from all of these unless you're doing like I said before with the Rica how she's I have mine for turn to good speed aside from that they have all the D buffs and then she's got the cleanse and then the light one has the Laura has the defense buff all of them with those support type skills they really benefit so much from speed and so much from a lot of yellow the other ones benefits so much from accuracy this one less from accuracy but still despair is not bad but I wouldn't put her on despair violence is the way to go violent a not rage because her heels based on her attack power so not rage she's got she's got first killed does damage third skill does damage yes she has the crit rate buff leader skill but only two skills actually do damage and her heal is based on her attack viruses better to have her on the field than on rage because you get a little bit extra bonus out of it alright but violence is the way to go energy blade again not bleh don't care about wave energy you don't care energy focus not horrible but I would let I care less about focus on her her base HP is actually it's higher than the other the water and it's higher than the wind and the fire but lower than the light one for shield which would be bad on shield I think violent will is generally the way to go indoor is not bad revenge is not bad nemesis is another good one to do destroy a little bit better on destroyed for going to use her in Guild Wars not I still wouldn't put destroy on her but if you have good destroy ones and it's either her or someone else like maybe because she still has some sustained to go in log fights I still don't think I would do it but you at least have that option if you get really good destroy wounds you know what I don't even know I don't know changed my mind I chamber light Welland emesis and endure are the best sets for her you can do other stuff but do the best sets and definitely bounce on there and high speed high speed for two four and six speed usually speed I see a lot speed attack HP speed HP attack or speed HP HP with attack subs like crazy high attack subs I don't really see too many speed attack attack because then she's too squishy she needs at least some decent base some decent HP so you're either speed HP attack speed es attack speed package P or speed HP HP attack subs see you again you want to go for speed like people like to do resistance subs you want to go for speed HP defense and attack subs overall really nice subs because you can grind all of those all of those are grind ball beautiful plus there's you're really not looking at a whole lot of monsters that you want attack on plot for for violent rooms so there's there's not too much competition as far as the runes they're right and then of course like I said like I mentioned before um for raids you can do her with more defense so cuz try to focus more on defense maybe putting events on a slot you have like defense with like crazy speed attack HP subs for slot 4 or 6 maybe you can stick one on there if you're gonna use her for raids all right then we have last no not that one last but not least we have mickey mickey's similar to Annabelle because she's got this first skill she's got the second skill same as Annabelle and a banana Bell and she's got that third skill tax on these five times five times five is each tax a 30% chance to disturb their each recovery for 3 turns disturb HP recovery for 3 turns should attack based multitude so this is based on her attack this is based on her attack power and this is also based on her tag as well doesn't say HP based on her attack so she's similar to she really is the most similar to Annabelle Annabelle netted so 2 were to use which should be good where could she be good oh let's see but she doesn't have she doesn't have a defense break she's got the heel block I like the defense break better honestly but she does have 2 extra hits I don't really think that makes her better for necropolis though just cuz she doesn't have that speed break I would still say like she's mad for necropolis farming she's great for farming because she kills herself and she's got the lots and lots of hits on the leader skill whatever we already felt it Giants she's good for Giants as well dragons she's great for dragons let's see necropolis uh we already said elemental dungeons she degree from I mean we could we you call her great for her guidance if you want to she's like a speedrun John so but she real I don't know some you know someone's just gonna like me she good to go back I did a video of her speeder in Ghent okay alright just like people said that you can't like do uh people wouldn't think that you could do is she how and ardella Giants defensive of just the two of them kind of speedrun two it was only two minutes it's not super fast but two minutes for two monsters soloing time not bad secret dungeons she does have an air we she's got a cut she's not bad she's she's good three team raves she has yes and she's got healed block - she's good - that uh you could even say she's great for that see her base that great for that yet it'll mental rift beasts again fire that's it and actually Annabelle's a little bit better for elemental recipes because she's got the defense break and that at least is a little bit more handy than this one trial of Ascension honestly met for me trial dissension measure she's got an AoE skill but you got to put it on despair and the same thing with Annabelle I want to be more proactive for trial attention instead of reactive I don't want to start getting terms and me having to heal things up I don't need that I don't need that kind of headache all right I want to just control them the entire time arena let's see no defense break the three-term defense Rick is really great for arena um until um you'd almost forgive her good she doesn't have that defense break though make she's an attack CI the reason that I feel that's a de Ville is better for arena then Nikki is because Annabelle has that that extra bonus of being anti zeros right so you can put actually and she's also she's got better a slightly better bass HP it's actually not that much better it's 500 more 500 more but I still do like n of a little bit better for arena she's got the three turn defense break I think is great for arena AoE three turn defense break so they're going to be focusing more on if you use her for defense she's got that chance to defense break something and then the other monsters in your rear defense will focus on that monster that got defense broken for three turns rather than just like focus and then changed subjects and they go I want to do hit this guy now okay amazing Guild Wars I think probably more for offense I think I would use her maybe not not great sorry good our user for offense for guild wars movie and then she's got that visa that cleanse to when she needs and she could maybe you know what I haven't tried her I haven't played with her enough to say not great live arena she'd be good for that too I liked a defense burrito I like I like the defense break I do where she could potentially be you know what we'll give her great to this is kind of this is like all this is this is a salute to draw a dick there too that's a peasant that doesn't even look like that doesn't even look like a dick that doesn't even look like a dick anymore alright guys but you could argue either way you could argue ah she's good you could Aereo she's great for these depending on the situation though but honestly I do like an adult a little bit more just because that defense brig is better then I know this one's a dart a dark monster Nikki's a dark monster but I do like the defense break a little bit better than that that he'll block where you guys think do you like to he'll block better I like the defense break better for three turns so anyway that's it for this video oh my god why is it so long that's what she said that's not what she at least it's not an hour some then we've gotten to an hour with so at least we have not gotten that insane that it's to an hour but hope you guys enjoyed the video that's all for today hope you guys pull some cult girls in the near future they're fun and they are and they are fun they are fun honestly I'd like Rica better than I thought I would I got her and I was like okay that's fine I was excited for but then I was like man am I gonna use her because like I got da rush that was better but I actually do use Rica I actually do use Rica surprising oh my god Edu's Rica and she's super fun she's nose iris but she's better than she's better than not having when she really doesn't I use her with a camera that's why I like her so much so but I actually I was surprised that I liked her more than I thought it would so I can't wait to start using a diamond anvil even more she's almost almost where she almost max I mean she thought yeah almost max level but only three double moms in her so far I just pulled it like two days ago or one one day ago whatever I lose track of time long time anyway hope you enjoy the video I will see you as always in the next one [Music]