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hey I'm the Huracan and welcome back to a new lesson today we are going to talk about being fit talking about fitness okay now of course because of the festive season all the sweets and all the oily food and delicacies that I have been pigging on I realized that I have gained a lot of weight so it's time for me to get back in shape so we are going to here look at some expressions that you can use while talking about fitness okay so the first one that we have to get fit or to get in shape that's the one I just used it basically means that you want to become more healthy and lose some weight okay you need to lose the flab okay so that's what you can use to get fit or to get in shape okay so you can say oh I want to become I won't get back in shape which means that you want to lose weight okay then we have workout now workout basically means it's the period of exercise okay it's an exercise routine so for whatever time that you exercise be it in a gym or you do yoga so that period is called as your workout session okay or just your workout right then we have warm up and cool down warm up means now you may have often heard people saying oh it's time for a warm-up session so what warm-up means is that it's a form of light exercise okay you're basically preparing your body for an intense workout for an intense session of exercising okay so these are light exercises that you do in order to prepare your body for a good workout okay so that's what is a warm-up session or warm-up warm-up exercises also then we have cool down cool down is basically when you have to reduce the intensity of your exercise okay you may have often seen if you walk out on a treadmill you would see a button which says cooled okay so basically reducing the intensity off to know where your heart rate while you are exercising okay it also ends like it follows by stretching okay so you stretch your muscles so that it prevents you from causing any kind of injury or any stiffness okay so that's what is cooled down so the next one that we have over here is burning calories now burning calories doesn't literally mean that you set your calories on fire okay it just means that you gotta lose calories okay so for example a piece of cake is about 200 calories so in order to eat that you need to burn calories also isn't it to stay healthy you need to burn those calories okay so definitely that requires a good workout session right so you can use this expression called burning calories in order to lose calories which means losing calories then we have diding now you might have heard many girls especially talking about their diet plans offer them a piece of cake and they'll be like oh no I'm on diet so what exactly dieting means to go on diet means to eat healthy food or to eat less okay so usually if you are on a diet you eat more of healthy stuff you do not I mean you don't binge on oily food or on sweets and chocolates you just eat healthy stuff and and you eat a little less okay so that's being on diet then we have brisk walking now brisk walking is the best form of exercise it basically means that you walk a little fast okay in order to increase your heart rate okay so usually people do a lot of brisk walking in the mornings and also in the evenings but morning brisk walks are just perfect right so it basically means that you walk a little fast in order to increase your heart rate okay then we have jogging jogging means running now not running fast but what it exactly means that you jog you run in a very slowly and steady manner okay so that's also kind of exercise that people love to do people love to go on jobs especially in the mornings so these are basically some expressions that you can use while talking about fitness and now we will look at some types of exercises that people like to do all right so now let us look at the different types of exercises that people like to do these days so there are different classes also that people join so the first one that we have over here is yoga now Yoga is a very Indian traditional ancient form of exercise it's basically it includes stretching movements breathing exercises and meditation okay it helps you it helps to cure chronic diseases and also it helps to give you peace of mind okay so it's basically union of a union between your body your soul and your mind okay now we have different types of yoga also like we have the traditional yoga and we have power yoga so people are really getting into yoga all over the world these days then we have Pilate and in some countries it's also pronounced as pilots okay it's basically it's a form of exercise which which is done on a very special equipment okay it's a very indoor thing and it is honestly pretty expensive also so it's it helps you to strengthening your body strengthening and toning your body okay so it strengthens your muscles it makes you look really fit okay so people also like to join Pilate then we have kickboxing kickboxing is a form of martial arts it combines of boxing and kicking with bare feet okay so it's pretty interesting it has these elements of karate and as ashle these young boys really love to go for kickboxing classes it's really interesting then we have air bags air bags is like my favorite it's basically exercising on it's very rhythmic exercises where you are stretching and strengthening your muscles and trying to be fit and you're dancing on the use of these all these movements are basically dance movements and you perform it on some kind of music or kids are very fast-paced music it's total fun and especially for girls then we have spinning spinning is basically again an indoor exercise it's an indoor it's a special equipment of cycling okay and that also helps you to strengthen your muscles and makes you look really fit okay so we do have classes around the world which are known as these spinning classes and the next one that we have will here is a gym gym is basically a slang for the word gymnasium okay and what is the gym nation it's basically where all of these activities are performed and also there are several gym equipments that see you to do exercise and also strengthen your muscles okay so we're going to look at a couple of basic equipments that I have it here on the board the first one we have is a treadmill a treadmill is basically a stationary machine that you can walk or run on okay so it helps you to burn your calories okay then we have a cross trainer a cross trainer is basically where you are pedaling and along with that you are also moving your hands okay so it strengthens your upper body and your lower body also okay then we have a bite a bike is nothing but basically a stationary cycle and it's just like the regular bikes of the regular cycles bicycles that we have okay but it's stationary so basically you're constantly pedaling okay so it strengthens your leg muscles okay then we have rowing rowing is juice up it's a very interesting equipment it helps you it's basically a belt when you gotta pull it okay towards your body and then leave it apart okay so it basically strengthens your hand muscles it's a very good exercise for your upper body all right then we have barbells and we also have dumbbells these are basically weights okay now barbells are you might have seen them in movies that these wrestlers and these really good I mean people with good muscular body they do they do use barbells which is basically a big rod and then you put these plates okay the weight plates and then you exercise with it okay so it strengthens your muscles okay it gives a very good toned muscular body and we have dumbbells dumbbells are nothing but it's basically a weights that you hold okay it's again used to strengthen your muscles right so these are a couple of equipments and then we also have a gym trainer or a fitness trainer okay who basically focuses on you we have personal trainers who focuses on you with the kind of exercises that you need to do okay especially if depending on what kind of body you have okay they're pretty helpful so so that's what is the activities that are performed in a gym so basically what I would like to tell you is just tape it okay and exercise at least for an hour every day and trust me you would look great okay so safer so stay healthy and I'll see you soon in your next lesson till then you take care and have a great day you